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Quality Products

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Just place near a feeder or nectar rich flowering plant. Hummingbirds will use the swing as a territorial perching spot to keep watch over their food source!

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Nectarade® Hummingbird Nectar

• Added Electrolytes keep hummingbirds hydrated

• Added calcium promotes healthy eggshell growth

• Wildflower extracts from flowers hummingbirds visit most in nature

• All natural formula with no harmful dyes or preservatives

• Small Batched, Proudly Made in USA with recycled materials

Provide a Reliable Food Source

Clean feeders and provide fresh nectar often. Offer a variety of native plant sources for nutrition.

Make Room for Competing Birds

Provide different areas to perch and feed. Spread out feeders & perching locations for competing birds.

Life Sustaining Necessitites

Provide a continuous source of fresh water. Offer shelter to retreat from predators and raise young.

Enhance Natural Habitats

Maintain your yard in natural ways that encourage a healthy habitat. Avoid pesticides to allow insects.
William O Sloan,

We believe the heart of American Ingenuity is the continuous improvement in delivering the ultimate customer experience through quality, consumer driven products.

Pop's Birding Company was founded on an idea to provide hummingbirds a place to rest close to guard their feeder - where we can enjoy them more too. Our company values follow the same principles that led to our flagship product idea -
Providing original products that bring nature closer to home
William O Sloan,

William O Sloan, "POP'S"

Inventor of The Original Hummingbird Swing

Our Limited Lifetime Product Workmanship Warranty covers manufacturer defects and includes replacement dowels for the lifetime of the swing.


If you aren't happy with your purchase for any reason, contact us within 30 days of delivery to request a refund.


We'll gladly accept returns or exchanges within 30 days of delivery. Contact us for an RMA #.


We're available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST to answer any questions you have or just chat about the love of nature.


You can contact us by phone 888-554-1175, email at or reach out on social media @PopsBirding

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