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Pop's Guide to Attracting Hummingbirds

Pop's Guide to Attracting Hummingbirds

Posted by @PopsBirding on Aug 3rd 2021

The way to a hummingbird’s heart is through their stomach. Hummingbirds have a great recall memory, remembering where good and reliable food was each season.


  • Hummingbirds associate the color red with food. Use a red feeder to attract their attention & avoid harmful nectar with red Dye
  • Use a delicious nectar recipe. Check out our DIY Recipe on our Blog page, it's a hummingbird favorite!
  • Replenish your feeder often, based on outside temps this can vary
  • Feeders need to be clean, to avoid nectar spoilage or mold
  • Keep bees and ants away, by using bee guards, ant moat, and an insect free hummingbird feeder.
  • Feeders should be placed in a visible but well shaded area
  • Replace or revitalize old feeders
  • Add plants that attract Hummingbirds: plant list
  • Put your feeder out at least 2 weeks before your areas hummingbird migration
  • Keep your feeder up a few weeks after migration for those stragglers
  • Discourage bullying by spreading out several feeders in your yard
  • Provide protein food sources by not removing spider webs or attracting gnats
  • Be patient… Hummingbirds need time to locate any new food source, but it will be worth the reward in the end

It is absolutely rewarding when your hummers come to visit every season!