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William O. Sloan, aka POP'S created the First Ever Hummingbird Swing when he noticed his hummingbirds continually retreat to a nearby tree between feeding. He wanted to give the hummingbirds a place to perch where we could enjoy them too. He set out to make a swing and place it close to the feeder - creating the ideal perching spot for hummingbirds to rest and conserve energy while staying within viewing enjoyment. 


When we tell people about our hummingbird swings the most common reaction is usually disbelief. People just don’t picture hummingbirds as the ‘swinging’ type. And for good reason, with an impressive wing beat rate of up to 100 beats per second and speeds in excess of 25mph, hummingbirds appear to always be on the go. But what people DON'T usually realize about hummingbirds is that they spend roughly 80% of their time perching! Usually in trees or fence-posts and just about anywhere they can keep a close eye on their food source!

And that was the realization POP'S had when he created the First Ever Hummingbird Swing.

The swing was a hit! Each day in between feedings the hummingbirds would stay and swing a little. Pretty soon there were more swings and there were more hummingbirds and then there were neighbors and friends asking for swings for their hummingbirds. One day it became clear to us Grad-kids that the rest of the world needed to be let in on the fun. So we set out on a mission and soon after began production. We've been keeping hummingbirds happily swinging ever since!

Pop's Birding Company is continuing the POP'S legacy of spreading joy through our unique line of backyard birding products and still family owned and operated to this day!